Trying To Stay Positive……

May 20, 2010 – 10:55 pm

Tampa Bay 8, NYY 6. If there was any doubt about who the best team is in the AL East right now, there certainly is no more after this short two-game series. Interestingly, though, this wasn’t so much a case of the Rays being all that good as it was the Yankees playing so poorly. Tonight it was Andy Pettitte pitching so badly that the bullpen didn’t even have an opportunity to blow this one. And once again, when the Yankees had an opportunity to get right back in to the game, it was the middle of the order who couldn’t get the job done. That’s becoming an all too familiar routine.

Even though the Yankees are now five games behind the Rays, based on what I saw in these two games, I am not impressed. The vaunted Tampa Bay pitching staff gave up six runs in both games, and that was with four Yankee starters out, plus Mark Teixeira still hasn’t started hitting like he eventually will.  And they also looked pretty sloppy on defense, and made a number of base-running mistakes as well. I just don’t see how they are near as good as some would have you believe. The Yankee starting pitching is a lot better than what we saw here, and once a couple of the injured players come back the offense will pick up again. The big question mark, of course, remains with the bullpen. If somehow those problems can get straightened out, that five game lead could well be erased by the All-Star break.

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