And It Gets Uglier And Uglier

May 19, 2010 – 10:05 pm

Tampa Bay 10, NYY 6. The wheels are real close to coming off right now. What with four starters out with injuries and a bullpen that resembles something you would see in AA ball, about the only hope the Yankees have to win a game is for the starter to go at least eight innings and give up at most maybe two runs. And tonight that certainly wasn’t going to happen, with A.J. Burnett once again having no control over anything he was throwing. This was a total embarrassment.

About the only positive I can think of after watching this game is that regardless of how much the Yankees are stinking things up right now, they aren’t near as disgusting as Rick Sutcliffe, who did the game on ESPN. That clown is a total ignoramus who should never be allowed near a broadcast booth. Sheez, ESPN, give us a break and dump this douche bag.

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