Pie !!!!!!

May 17, 2010 – 11:06 pm

NYY 11, Boston 9. Finally a “pie game”, and without a doubt this one was the biggest win of the year so far. To let the Red Sox come all the way back from a 5-0 deficit and see the bullpen lose yet another game would have been pretty devastating, particularly considering the schedule for the rest of the week. But there was “clutchless” Alex Rodriguez delivering the game-tying home run in the ninth, followed in short order by Marcus Thames’ game winner. Just crazy.

Pie!!!And the icing on the cake was doing it against none other than Jonathan Papelbon, who could possibly be an even bigger a-hole than Josh Beckett, whom the Yankees bombed just ten days ago. In fact, the whole scene was eerily familiar — Beckett lost his cool in that game after giving up a few runs and deliberately threw at a couple of Yankee batters, only to have it backfire on him. And then tonight almost the same thing happens — Papelbon gives up the tying home run to A-Rod, loses his cool and throws at Francisco Cervelli, only to see that act backfire on him as well. Sweet justice to another world class jerk.

As big a win as it was, though, the game did highlight once again what a disaster the whole bullpen is right now. Together Boone Logan and Chan Ho Park faced 10 batters and gave up six hits, including three home runs. They might as well be throwing BP out there. Right now there is absolutely no one in the bullpen who can be trusted with a lead. Hopefully CC Sabathia can go at least eight innings tomorrow, or we’re liable to need another “pie game”.

Photo: ESPN

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