Beckett Gets Bombed

May 8, 2010 – 12:51 pm

Beckett Nails RobbieNYY 10, Boston 3. If there’s anything better than beating the Red Sox in a romp, it’s beating the Red Sox in a romp when Josh Beckett is on the mound. When it comes to being an all around jerk, Beckett is world class. And that’s not a slam against him at all — he clearly works very hard at being a jerk, and it’s to his credit he’s so successful at it. It was funny last night listening to Michael Kay and Al Leiter try to explain what happened to Beckett last night in the sixth inning. After starting out the game with pin point control and striking out six Yankees in the first three innings, all of a sudden he hits both Robbie Cano and Derek Jeter while also brushing back Francisco Cervelli and Nick Swisher. The only explanation that passes the common sense test is that he’s throwing at the Yankees on purpose — he’s trailing 3-1 due to a hanging curve he dished up to Nick Swisher in the fourth, and now Alex Rodriquez has led off the sixth with a double. His pitch count is getting up there so this is probably his last inning, which means he can’t get a win and quite likely is going to end up with the loss. So screw it, he’s going to start taking Yankee hitters down with him. On the broadcast, Kay and Leiter discuss the idea that he’s doing it on purpose, but can’t quite bring themselves to stating it as fact. It was humorous listening to them make fools of themselves, trying to deny what was so obvious, that every one of those pitches was thrown intentionally at the Yankee hitters.

Net result is that Robbie Cano is going to miss the rest of the series, at a minimum. So mission accomplished as far as Beckett was concerned. Nick Johnson also went out, and is apparently headed to the DL (not exactly man bites dog news there). But that could be a blessing in disguise, as hopefully Girardi will now start using Brett Gardner in the second spot in the order, which could be a substantial improvement over Johnson. Of course, the bottom of the order which has been so instrumental in the fast start the Yankees have gotten off to will take a hit with Gardner being moved up. But hopefully A-Rod and Tex will start to hit and the bottom of the order won’t be so critical.

But the really good news from this game is that Phil Hughes just continues to dominate, going 7+ innings with two or fewer runs allowed for three of his five starts, and now has a record of 4-0 and an ERA of 1.69. With Pettitte hurting and Vazquez struggling, Hughes has more than stepped up to fill the void. He’s quickly becoming everything we were promised he would be.

Photo: ESPN

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