Lots Of Ugly To Go Around

May 1, 2010 – 11:20 pm

Chicago 7, NYY 6. The Yankee bullpen, with a big helping hand from Joe Girardi, did a pretty good job of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. After Javier Vazquez dug them in to a 5-1 hole, the Yankee offense actually came back and took the lead in the bottom of the sixth, 6-5. Yes, with their bullpen that’s a very tenuous lead, but David Robertson actually got two of the first three hitters out in the top of the seventh, and all he’s got to do is get a sub-.200 hitter out and then we can turn this thing over to Joba, and knock on wood he can get it to Mo in the ninth and it’s in the W column. But then out of the clear blue, Girardi decides to intentionally walk Carlos Quentin, putting the go-ahead run on base, and then bring in Marte???? WTF was going through his mind? If you think Robertson can’t get Quentin, why not bring in Aceves right there? Why in the world do you walk him? Just makes absolutely no sense at all. Marte is one big crap shoot, and sure enough two pitches later Chicago has the lead back, and that’s that.

Of course the only reason the game got to that point is because Vazquez managed to have an even worse outing than any of his previous ones, this time failing to even record a single out in the fourth. It’s still too early to give up on him, but hopefully Girardi will at least skip his turn in the rotation when they go to Boston next week. Maybe an extended rest period can get him back on track? Or should I say, get him on track.

And if the game itself wasn’t ugly enough, it looks like we’ve lost Curtis Granderson to the DL. Obviously Gardner will move to center, but that’s going to leave some significant defensive issues in left regardless of who plays there. Did you ever think you would be missing Johnny Damon’s defensive skills?

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