It’s Robbie Cano’s World, We’re Just Living In It

April 30, 2010 – 12:12 pm

Defense!NYY 4, Baltimore 0. The Robbie Cano show just continues to get better and better. Not only did he lead the offense with two home runs and a double, but he also made one of the most incredible defensive plays I’ve ever seen from an infielder. Just getting to the grounder up the middle that Nolan Reimold hit in the third inning was no small feat, but to actually make the throw from that position and get the runner out at first was something to behold. I’ve always considered Cano one of the top defensive second basemen in the league, but there always seemed to be a lot of Cano critics around. Not so much these days.

But not to be overlooked in this win was one of A.J. Burnett’s best outings as a Yankee. This was classic “Good” A.J., going eight innings with just three scattered singles and one walk. Five of the eight innings were three-up three-down. Even though the game was actually very close — Brian Matusz did notch a “quality” win in spite of giving up nine hits over six innings — A.J. was so dominant that it never felt all that close. The only real question was whether A.J. could get through eight and thus avoid the crap shoot that the Yankee bullpen is these days.

The other highlight of this game was Marcus Thames who went 3-for-3, raising his BA all the way to .588. Now he’s only got 17 ABs so there’s lots of “regression to the mean” left for Thames, but still even with that small sample size you have to give him some credit. Now he’s a career .246 hitter, and has never hit over .256, so you really can’t get all that excited. But still, nice start to the season for Marcus!

Photo: ESPN

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