A-Rod and Tex “Controversies”

April 24, 2010 – 10:49 am

Couple of quick hits here on “controversial” plays over the last two days involving the two top Yankee sluggers….

The Alex Rodriguez-Dallas Braden dust up was totally bizarre.  I guess in the end you have to feel sorry for Braden, as apparently at some point in his college career at Texas Tech someone told him this story about the pitcher “owning” the mound and no one else was allowed near it.  Clearly this is folklore that has never made it out of Lubbock as no one else in the sport had ever heard of it, but poor Braden somehow was convinced this was a universal truth — and then proceeded to make a total ass of himself with the confrontation with Rodriquez.  Braden was (a) 100% wrong and (b) totally out of place in his reaction.  But then that was the other interesting part of the story — how so many people tried to defend him and find some type of wrong doing on A-Rod’s part.  What crap.  It’s just another example of how people just love to take pot shots at Alex, regardless of how absurd they are.

Then there was the Mark Teixeira take down of Bobby Wilson in last night’s game.  This was so out of character for Teixeira that it defies explanation.  It sure looked for all the world intentional, particularly with the way that Teixeira calmly went back to touch home plate without showing any kind of concern for Wilson who lay crumpled at the plate.  And the pissed off expression on Teixeira’s face in the dugout didn’t help either.  And then there were the slow motion replays that made it look all the worse — Tex clearly had beaten the throw, Wilson wasn’t even blocking the plate, and a simple slide was all that was necessary.  But the game happens at 90+ MPH, not slo-mo, and so maybe you can buy in to Teixeira’s explanation that he thought the ball had beaten him to the plate and that he had no other alternative than to take out Wilson.  Given Tex’s reputation and character, I guess you have to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But man, was that one ugly looking play.  Hopefully Wilson recovers quickly and gets to continue his dream of playing in the big leagues.

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