Another Near No-No For Hughes

April 22, 2010 – 11:05 am

xyzzyNYY 3, Oakland 1. Phil Hughes flirted with a no-hitter once again, this time losing it to an infield single off his glove in the eighth. But I’ll give even money he will eventually get a no-no at some point in his career, and probably more than one. Last night he took a page from CC’s book on pitching — just throw strikes and let the opposing batters try to figure it out from there. Hughes did end up walking two batters — the second batter he faced and the last one he faced. But in between those two walks, he retired 21 of the next 22 batters without even going to a single 3-ball count, and only went to a 2-ball count seven times. Not surprisingly 10 of those 22 batters struck out. A totally dominating performance, not unlike what CC did against the Rangers just five days ago. It seems so simple — of 101 pitches Hughes threw, 55 were fastballs and 32 were cutters. He went to the curveball only 14 times, and didn’t even bother with his changeup. 70 of the 101 pitches were in the strike zone. Admittedly the A’s are not exactly a powerhouse, but if Hughes continues to pitch like this he’ll have success regardless of who it is he’s facing.

With the win the Yankees have now opened the season with five straight series wins — pretty remarkable. And with CC on the mound today, the win streak could well be extended to seven in a row. No doubt they’ll cool off at some point, and there will be some losing streaks somewhere down the road — but you couldn’t ask for a better start to the season. Onward!

Photo: NY Post

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