Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting – What Ya Gonna Do?

April 15, 2010 – 10:56 am

Los Angeles 5, NYY 3. Not much you can do when you run into someone pitching like Joel Pineiro was yesterday. Not only did Pineiro hold the Yankees to just one run on five hits, but he also got through seven innings, so that when the Yankees did start pounding the Angel relievers it was too little too late. Pineiro looks to have four quality pitches that he can go to in pretty much any situation, and that seemed to prevent the Yankees from working his pitch count like they normally do. Only four times did they work the count to three balls, and in three of those instances Pineiro ended up with a strike out. Overall he had five strikeouts and no walks, which is pretty much always a recipe for success.

Interestingly, most of the game stories today however are about how poorly Javier Vazquez pitched rather than about how well Pineiro pitched. Yes, Vazquez has been disappointing in two starts so far — but it is a tad bit early to be all that concerned I would think. And the reality is that he did pitch well through five innings and was just three outs away from the proverbial “quality start”. So maybe this was just a case of him running out of gas too quickly, and as the season progresses his stamina will pick up? In fact, in both starts he has failed to get through six innings, and one of the strengths he supposedly was bringing to the rotation was his ability to chew up a lot of innings. With the Yankee offense, giving up five runs isn’t all that bad, as they are going to average well over five runs per game. But if you are going to give up runs at that rate, you at least need to pitch in to the seventh inning.

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