Something Old, Something New

April 8, 2010 – 11:49 am

NYY 3, Boston 1. Nothing like a good old-fashioned pitching duel to finish up the opening series. Particularly when it’s old reliable Andy Pettitte doing the honors. Pettitte notched the first “quality start” of the season for the Yankees, giving up just one run over six innings. It was vintage Pettitte, seeming to be struggling in pretty much every inning, yet at the same time in total control. He gave up six hits and walked three — but three of those hits were cheap infield hits. Bottom line is that he quickly put to rest any worries about his age or his lack of work during spring training — Andy is going to be a big part of this rotation for yet another season, you can take that to the bank.

Meanwhile, John Lackey was actually out-pitching Pettitte, shutting out the Yankees on just three hits. And with Girardi going again with Chan Ho Park in a close game, this one could have turned ugly in a hurry. But surprise, surprise — CHP actually ended up pitching three scoreless innings, giving up just one harmless single. Not to put a negative spin on it, but there might have been a bit of luck involved for Park, as seven of the nine outs he recorded were long, well hit balls to the outfield. But you can’t argue with the results, and to Girardi’s credit, this time he actually stuck with the reliever who was getting guys out rather than running through the bullpen until he found someone who could stink it up. So maybe Girardi’s bumbling of the bullpen in the opener was in fact just a brain fart. Time will tell.


But the real hero of this game was newly acquired Curtis Granderson, who took Jerkweed Jonathan Papelbon yard with a long line drive to the right field bleachers in the top of the 10th to put the Yankees ahead. Talk about a contrast in personalities. I have been nothing but impressed with Granderson so far — he’s very bright and articulate, with the right dose of humility and a positive attitude that meshes well with Yankee tradition. And now he has his first game-winning home run in a Yankee uniform. The season is more than a little young, but Granderson looks to be one “grand” acquisition!

Photo: NY Daily News

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