Winning Not So Prettily

April 7, 2010 – 9:39 am

NYY 6, Boston 4. Well, it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it was a win — and after all, that’s what baseball is all about, winning when you aren’t hitting on all cylinders. A.J. Burnett struggled through five innings, putting the lead-off batter on in four of them and failed to record a single three-up, three-down inning. But unlike so many times last year, he didn’t implode, he kept the Yankees in the game. And with their offense that’s all you really need. Everyone up and down the lineup contributed offensively (well, there was one exception but I’m not going there this early in the season!). Robbie Cano got two RBI’s (hey, don’t look now but guess who is leading the team in that category), and four others also got RBIs — including Nick Johnson’s key RBI-walk which scored the winning run in the eighth. Not quite as exciting as seeing Johnny Damon get a line drive single in that situation, but hey — it got the job done and we are told that’s what Johnson does best.

Good JobaBut the real difference in this game was the bullpen — instead of Chan Ho Park we got Alfredo Aceves, and instead of Bad Damaso Marte we got OK-but-very-scary Damaso. And then there was Joba Chamberlain. With the tying run on second and the stage set for a repeat of Monday night’s ugliness, we went through a time warp and out came the 2007 version of Joba, breathing fire and throwing 95+ MPH heat. Nine pitches, two Ks, and bring on Mo. I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again — I really like Joba in this role as setup man. And even Jorge Posada said as much on the post-game interview — that seems to be the role that Joba is made for. His attitude, his style, his heat — they all fit so perfectly. It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops over the season.

Photo: NY Daily News

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