In Defense (pun intended) Of Jorge

April 6, 2010 – 9:23 am

Blaming any part of the opening game loss on Jorge Posada is plain silly.  First off, the only reason Youkilis scored on the passed ball was because he got to third on a wild pitch from Damaso Marte four pitches earlier.  If not for that, he doesn’t score on the passed ball.  Plus, even scoring that play as a passed ball was questionable, given that Marte was all over the place and missed his location by several feet on the pitch that Jorge mishandled.  So even if you want to blame the loss on that sequence of events, the person to blame is Marte, not Posada.  Regardless, though, the game was lost on Joe Girardi’s poor bullpen management — he left Sabathia in too long, he didn’t leave Robertson in long enough, and Park has no business pitching in a close game.  Blaming anyone other than Girardi for this loss is just plain stupid.

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