October 3, 2009 – 12:25 pm

Tampa Bay 13, NYY 4. Well that was butt ugly. CC gets rocked in by far his worst outing of the year, Phil Hughes likewise gets hit hard in his worst outing since he was given the setup role, and the starters go 2-for-20 and score only one run. With CC going after his first 20-win season ever, you would think the effort on everyone’s part would have been a bit more inspired. Oh well, I guess the way you look at this one is that at least they got it out of their system before the playoffs start. CC and Hughes both had been on incredible runs, which obviously were going to end at some point. So better they end now in a meaningless game than next week in the playoffs, that’s for sure.

Still, I’m a strong believer in the idea that you can’t just turn it on and turn it off overnight — it’s important to hit the playoffs on a positive note. So lets hope the next two games will be more representative of how this team has played throughout the season, particularly the second half.

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