YAWO (Yet Another Walk-Off)

September 30, 2009 – 12:02 pm

NYY 4, Kansas City 3. And so the magic continues, even after the division is clinched and the AAA guys are getting a lot of playing time. Hopefully there is plenty of this left for the playoffs. To date the numbers are pretty incredible — this was the 50th come-from-behind win this year (pretty much half of all wins), and the 15th walk-off win. But unlike most of the others, this one was ugly, ugly, ugly.

Another Walk-off CelebrationThe ugliness started in the seventh with Phil Coke, who’s mind was clearly somewhere far removed from Yankee stadium. First he threw wildly to second base on an easy come backer allowing one run to score, and then with the very next batter he fielded another grounder and inexplicably decided not to take the easy out at home, thus allowing another run. I guess you chalk this up to what happens when you play meaningless games? Hopefully Coke learned some lessons here.

But not to worry, as KC matched the Yankees blunders in the ninth, and then some. After Robbie Cano tied the game with a sacrifice fly (not a hit, but certainly another positive for Cano’s problem with RISP), Eric Hinske of all people steals second. And it so surprises catcher John Buck that he throws the ball in to center field allowing the winning run to get to third. From where he scored on Juan Miranda’s comebacker to the mound that ricocheted off Kyle Farnsworth’s leg. All told, it was a fitting ending for ex-Yankee Farnsworth to end up with the blown save. Poor Kyle.

Ugliness aside, there was lots of good news as well. David Robertson, who the Yankees really need for the playoffs, pitched for the first time since coming down with a sore elbow and looked fairly sharp, albeit for only three batters and 19 pitches. Hopefully he’ll get one or two more appearances over the next four games to make sure he’s ready for the post-season. And then there was the unpredictable A.J. Burnett, going 6.1 innings and allowing but 2 runs on 3 hits with 8 strikeouts. I guess that’s good news. Certainly good to see him pitching well for the third time in a row. But does that just mean we’re getting closer to some bad outings? You never know with A.J. This start may have put him back as the No. 2 starter in the playoffs. But I’m not sure that’s really good news or not.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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