NYS Bandbox Hype Revisited

September 30, 2009 – 5:49 pm

The Daily News has a good story about how all the “New Yankee Stadium is a bandbox” hype has turned out to be just that — nothing but hype.  It’s still only one season, so the jury is still out as to just how much of a hitter’s park this is, but at least the final results for this year indicate it’s not the disaster that some were claiming back in April and May.  That said, though, the stadium still led the league this year at 2.9 HR per game (the Texas Rangers stadium was second at 2.6, so it wasn’t even all that close).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out next year, particularly if management does decide to leave the stadium dimensions as they are.  The large number of home runs in the first couple of months of the season was due at least in part to the fact that the Yankee pitching basically sucked early on.  Over April and May, the Yankee pitchers averaged giving up 5.3 runs per game, but for August and September, that had dropped to 4.3 runs per game.  So a lot of those home runs were simply due to poor pitching.  Also, you have to believe that as the season wore on, the pitchers (both Yankee and opposition) learned better how to pitch in the new ballpark.  In fact, over April and May the stadium averaged 3.8 homers per game, and by August and September that had dropped to 2.6 per game.  And for just the month of September, the stadium has averaged just 2.2 homers/game, which is 5th in the league (behind Boston, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Detroit).  So all in all, it’s really turned out not to be that big of an issue.

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