Visions Of Playoffs Without CC

September 20, 2009 – 11:56 am

Ironman CCNYY 10, Seattle 1. Right now two of the top priorities for the Yankees have to be (1) keeping all the top players healthy and (2) getting all the top players at the top of their game. On the first note, they came dangerously close to losing one of their most critical stars when a line drive in the fifth inning caught CC Sabathia in the chest. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez ran full speed to the mound to check on CC, as they along with every Yankee fan everywhere all of a sudden had visions of the playoffs without their No. 1 starter. For a brief moment, you had to imagine what a  playoff series would be like without CC, and it’s not a pretty image. Fortunately CC wasn’t hurt at all — in this day and age when stars are routinely taken out of games for precautionary reasons for injuries as trite as a hang nail, CC stayed in to complete his usual seven inning regimen. So everyone can breathe easy. But still, it reminds us all of just how scary the starting rotation is beyond CC.

On the second priority, getting the top players heated up, there was nothing scary at all unless you are a Boston or LA or Detroit fan (guess we ought to include Twinkie fans as well!). Mark Teixeira led the charge, going 4-for-5 with two home runs and five RBIs, missing the cycle by just a double. He’s now got a 1.114 OPS for the month of September. Hideki Matsui got his third jack in his last six starts, and his OPS for the month is 1.204. Robbie Cano went 4-for-5, giving him 8 multi-hit games along with a .377 BA for the month. Even Johnny Damon looks to be getting it into playoff gear with his second 3-hit game in a row. Bottom line is that this is going to be a very strong hitting team top-to-bottom come playoff time. Even if someone does end up slumping, there’s a lot of other power to pick up the slack.

But the reality is that the playoffs are all about pitching, so the best news of all coming out of this game is that CC dodged disaster there in the fifth.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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