Back To Meaningful Games In September

September 20, 2009 – 7:12 pm

Seattle 7, NYY 1. The Great Joba Chamberlain Project continues to be pretty much a total failure. The Yankees gambled that they could limit his innings and then gradually build him back up to be the No. 4 starter for the playoffs, but at this point I think you can pretty much toss that idea in the trash. About all they can do now is continue to give innings to Joba along with Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre and then come time to choose a No. 4 starter just pick the least worst alternative based on their last couple of outings. Pretty scary way to go in to the playoffs, but there you have it. I guess the good news is that Mitre pitched five very good innings today, giving up only one hit and no runs, while striking out five. But it was against a pretty weak team, and in a blowout game — so lots of grains of salt there. But at this point I have to put him in the lead for that No. 4 spot.

Of course the best alternative would be to finish with the best record, then opt for the extra day off, and not even have to worry about the No. 4 starter, at least not until the ALCS. After Joba’s debacle today, I would think that would become priority number one. And with Boston now only four games behind the Yankees in the loss column, things could start to get very interesting. While the Yankees go up against Los Angeles in LA, where they always struggle, Boston has the woeful Kansas City Royals for a 4-game series. It’s not a stretch to see Boston sweeping that series while the Yankees go 1-2 against the Halos. Which would mean the 3-game series against Boston next weekend would give the Red Sox a chance to catch the Yankees for the division. Wow, who would have thought that was even in the realm of possibility a couple of weeks ago? We’re now back to playing very meaningful games!

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