Time To Get Into Playoff Mode

September 17, 2009 – 10:42 am

NYY 5, Toronto 4. A couple of weeks ago it was hard to imagine that the Yankees would have any more “big” wins until the post-season, as it looked like they could play out the regular season in cruise control. But then they drop 3 of 4 to the two worst teams in the division and then find themselves down 4-2 in the 8th and are coming close to being only 4 games up in the loss column with two series yet to be played against playoff teams. My how things can change quickly in major league baseball.

Cervelli Walk OffSo last night’s win was definitely a big one. From being down 4-2, Hideki Matsui delivered a clutch 2-run homer to tie the game in the 8th (have I mentioned how much we are going to miss Godzilla next year?). And then Francisco Cervelli got the walk-off hit in the 9th, capping yet another come-from-behind win, the 48th of the year for the Yankees. And the irony of it all — had Jorge Posada not been suspended for fighting in the previous game, Cervelli wouldn’t even have been in the game. But I suspect that really didn’t matter — if it wasn’t Cervelli, it would have been someone else, as that’s become the nature of this team.

So now the Yankees are still 5 games up in the loss column, but these two series against the Orioles and Jays sure better have been a wake up call for Girardi and the Yanks. With Thursday off and then 15 more games to finish out the season, it’s time to take it out of cruise control and kick it in to high gear. No more resting the regulars — they should have plenty of that by now — and no more auditioning of players for the post-season. Finishing with the best record is of paramount importance, as that will allow the Yankees to go with just three starters in the ALDS, which is highly desirable given how precarious the starting rotation is right now. Plus, hate ’em as much as you might, the Red Sox are really starting to heat up (guess who now has the second best record in the league?). And you sure want to close out the season just as hot as all the other teams in the playoffs. So time to kick things back in to high gear.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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