One Scary Dude

September 12, 2009 – 8:35 pm

Baltimore 7, NYY3. Make that two clunkers in a row. Yeah, you can’t “win ’em all”, but when you’re playing the likes of the Baltimore Orioles you damn sure ought to come close to doing just that. But once again it was Bad A.J. showing up, and it took him all of one third of an inning to quickly turn a one-run lead in to a 5-run deficit. A.J. at his best worst. This guy is going to be one scary dude come playoff time. As I’ve said before, hopefully Girardi will have a very quick hook come the playoffs, and A.J. won’t be allowed to blow games like this. If this had been a playoff game, I would hope Girardi would have pulled him as soon as he loaded the bases in the 2nd inning. Two batters later, the game was over.

And for more bad news, the offense was silenced for a second night in a row by the team with the worst runs per game average in the league. However, to be fair, Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman are both highly rated rookies, so what we could have been witnessing was just a case of good pitching beating good hitting. And if Matusz and Tillman are the real deal, that bodes well for the Orioles’ future, and that’s good for everyone. No one likes beating up on terrible teams, which is what the Orioles are right now. But wait — they are one game away from sweeping the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, and you say they are a terrible team? Hmmmm…..

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