Bad A.J. Bailed Out By Bombers

September 2, 2009 – 10:18 am

Swisher CelebratesNYY 9, Baltimore 6. A.J. Burnett continued his Jekyll and Hyde routine, stinking it up this time to the tune of 6 earned runs on 11 hits over just 5.1 innings. Since the All-Star break his numbers are terrible — 2-4 record with a 5.17 ERA. But that’s rather misleading, as within those 10 starts he has 7 so-called “quality starts” where his ERA is an excellent 2.64. But in the other three starts, his ERA is an ugly 6.14. As I’ve noted before, this is going to be one scary dude come playoff time. I guess the good news is that had this actually been a playoff game, Girardi would have probably pulled him early in the third inning before things got out of control. Which of course is going to put a tremendous strain on the bullpen. And with Chamberlain, who is even more unreliable than Burnett, in the No. 4 spot long relief is probably what is going to make or break the Yankees in the post-season. It could all come down to the likes of Aceves, Mitre, and Gaudin. Yikes.

At least last night the Yankee offense was more than enough to overcome the poor start. Once again Nick Swisher and Robbie Cano were on a tear, and Jorge Posada joined the party as well. The three of them combined for four home runs and seven of the nine Yankee RBIs. Since the Boston series, the Yankees have now scored 8+ runs in seven of the last eleven games. Come playoff time, though, you better not count on that type of offensive output. You give up six runs in a post-season game, odds are you are going to lose.

Photo: Newsday

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