Yanks Sweep Inspite Of The New Joba Rules

August 30, 2009 – 9:00 pm

NYY 8, Chicago 3. What a difference a month makes. Four weeks ago Chicago took three of four from the Yankees, scoring 10+ runs in two of those games. In a complete turnabout, the Yankees swept the White Sox over the weekend with Chicago scoring a total of 5 runs in the 3-game series. How much of this was due to the Yankee pitching vs. the lackluster Chicago offense is hard to say, but certainly this was a case of two teams headed in totally opposite directions. Sunday it was Alfredo Aceves combining with bullpen-by-committee to limit the Sox to one run on five hits over the last six innings. Combine that with Mark Teixeira’s 4 RBI day and it was game, set, and sweep for the Yankees. With 32 games left, 15 of which are against the likes of Baltimore, Toronto, and Kansas City, even home field advantage would seem to be pretty much under control.

Tex Goes YardThe big mystery right now with the Yankees is exactly what the strategy is behind the new “Joba rules”. Sunday Chamberlain put in yet another poor showing, giving up two runs in a very abbreviated three inning outing. I understand what they are trying to do with limiting his innings, and I guess that makes some sense in prepping him to take on the role of full-time, full-season starter next year. But what about the rest of this season? What happens come playoff time? Will the strategy there be to use Joba-Aceves-bullpen-by-committee as the No. 4 starter? That seems pretty dicey. If you are going to limit his innings, why not move him to a bullpen role, where he has had success in the past and where it looks like they might really need some help, particularly with Phil Coke’s recent travails? A starter who is only expected to go three innings makes no sense at all to me. Oh well, it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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