The Captain On Small Ball

August 30, 2009 – 11:21 am

If you were paying close attention during the second inning of yesterday’s 10-0 win over Chicago, you could hear heads exploding all over Yankee land when Derek Jeter put down a sacrifice bunt with no outs and runners at first and second. The gambit worked to perfection, as he advanced the runners and Johnny Damon promptly proceeded to drive them in — thus turning a somewhat dicey 2-0 lead in to a solid 4-0 lead. Pundits and bloggers went out of their minds — “You never give away outs!” Which of course turns the whole game upside down, somehow implying that you win not by scoring runs but rather by conserving outs. Makes no sense at all.

As the old saying goes, Derek Jeter has forgotten more about baseball than most all these anti-small ball fanatics know. And here’s The Captain explaining how the game is meant to be played:

“I really don’t care who knocks them in. We’re trying to win games. At that point it was 2-0. We’re trying to get some runs. It doesn’t make a difference who knocks them in.

“It was the right thing to do. We had a couple guys on base with nobody out. You move them over and you’ve got a lot of different ways to score a run when guys are at second and third as opposed to first and second.”

Exactly. That’s why small ball makes so much sense. It’s embarassing that so many fans just don’t understand the game enough to grasp the concept.

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