Mitre-Gaudin Combine For One-Hitter

August 30, 2009 – 10:29 am

Cy Young MitreNYY 10, Chicago 0. Just who were those impersonators wearing Nos. 45 and 41? Sergio Mitre pitched one of the better games of the year for the Yankees, giving up just one hit over 6.1 innings on an extremely efficient pitch count of just 73. And then when he was forced to leave early when he took a line drive off his arm, Chad Gaudin picked right up where Sergio left off, pitching 2.2 innings without giving up a hit. Now a more skeptical person would point out that if Gaudin and Mitre both can pitch near-perfect ball on the same day, it might have more to do with the opposition than the way they were throwing. And I suspect that Ozzie Guillen would probably agree with that. But still, excellent outings for both of them — which can only bode well for their future with the Yankees. In fact, as Joba Chamberlain takes the mound today, you hope maybe they got Joba’s attention, as the No. 4 starting position may be up for grabs, for what that’s worth.

Miscellany Dept: File away this video of Robinson Cano going deep in to the hole and easily throwing out Jason Nix in the sixth inning. It’s one of the more amazing infield plays you will see, and yet this type play is getting to be more and more routine for Cano. I’m amazed at how many people criticize Cano for his defensive play — admittedly when he does occasionally make an error, it can look bad simply because of his style. But that’s just the way he plays, on the routine plays as well as the exceptional plays, as this video shows. Anyone who doubts that Cano is developing in to one of the best defensive second basemen in the game is just not paying attention.

Photo: Daily News

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