Another “Clutchless” Cano Walk-Off

August 29, 2009 – 1:38 pm

Yankees CelebrateNYY 5, Chicago 2. Yet another bad day for the Cano-bashers as Robbie got yet another walk-off hit, this one a 3-run homer in to the right field bullpen. Cano’s overall BA/RISP may be in the dumps this year, but I suspect Ozzie Guillen and Randy Williams don’t want to hear any of that nonsense as they apparently chose to pitch around Hideki Matsui and Nick Swisher — walking both on four straight pitches — in order to get to Cano. As I’ve long maintained, a .300+ hitter is always going to be dangerous with or without runners in scoring position, regardless of what the various situational stats might say. And last night was just one more example.

Up until Cano hit the game-winner, we’d been seeing a rather interesting pitcher’s duel. On the Yankee side, CC Sabathia was in his usual form, mowing down the Chisox with seemingly ease — at least up until the 7th inning when he suddenly ran out of gas. Seems like there may be a pattern there with CC, pitching great up to a point and then when he loses it, he loses it quickly. End result nonetheless for CC was 2 runs on 8 hits, certainly a “quality” start. On the White Sox side, Mark Buehrle seemed to be not pitching nearly as well, as almost every inning the Yankees were threatening to score and Buehrle appeared to be in trouble. And yet, in the end, Buehrle’s stats were identical to CC’s — 2 runs on 8 hits. Interesting that two pitchers could end up with the exact same results while looking so different.

Photo: New York Times

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