CC Wins Battle Of The Aces

August 24, 2009 – 10:53 am

NYY 8, Boston 4. With CC Sabathia and Josh Beckett matching up, you would expect a big time pitchers duel — and in an odd sort of way, it actually was a pretty good pitchers duel although you could hardly tell it by the scoreboard. Both had great control — Sabathia threw 68% strikes, Beckett 73%, and between the two of them they struck out 13 and didn’t walk a single batter. And both had a respectable hits/inning ratio, CC giving up 8 hits over 6.2 innings and Beckett just 9 over 8 innings. Of course the big difference was that of the 9 hits Beckett gave up, 5 left the yard whereas CC limited the Red Sox to only singles and doubles. And that was all it took to give the Yankees the game and the series.

Godzilla Goes YardSo now with 38 games left and a 7.5 game division lead, only a total collapse stands between the Yankees and the post-season. However, there’s still lots of very interesting baseball left, starting with this week’s series against the upstart Texas Rangers. There’s a bit of a quandary here — if the Yanks beat up on the Rangers, that’s going to help Boston in the wild card, which ultimately could mean the Yankees facing either Detroit or Chicago in the first round rather than the Rangers. Now normally, what with the starting pitching of Detroit and Chicago, you would probably want to avoid them in a short 3-game series and prefer going against Texas. So losing the series to Texas, long term, might not be such a bad thing? I don’t know about that, though. Guess who has the lowest runs/game ratio in the AL right now? Nope, it’s not Chicago, nor Detroit, but Texas at 4.33 R/G. So maybe it’s in fact Texas you want to avoid. In fact, the Yankees are 5-1 so far this year against Detroit, so maybe that’s who you really want to face in the first round. And if the Rangers do end up winning the wild card, do you really want to have lost your last home series to them before playing them in the playoffs? All things considered, it would be very nice to keep the pedal to the metal here and blow the Rangers out of Yankee stadium in this upcoming series.

Photo: Yahoo Sports!

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