And A Football Game Broke Out

August 22, 2009 – 11:21 am

NYY 20, Boston 11. Ask and you shall receive, or so they say. I was just saying how nice it would be if some of the big hitters in the middle of the lineup would start hitting better, and sure enough Alex Rodriguez breaks out of his slump with a 4-for-4 night, Mark Teixeira goes 3-for-5, and Jorge Posada goes 2-for-5. Throw in the already hot Hideki Matsui’s downright gawdy 2-for-6-with-7-RBIs night and you have a middle of the lineup that combined to go 9-for-20 with 13 RBIs. If indeed the bats in the middle of the order have come back to life, wow is this team going to be hard to beat. But to be fair, this was kind of like extended batting practice, as the rest of the lineup actually outhit the middle four, going 14-for-29 themselves. So maybe it’s a bit early for celebrating…. but still, a pretty good sign.

Godzilla Goes YardOne would think with putting 20 runs on the board this one would have been a laugher all the way, but alas that wasn’t the case as the Yankee pitchers took the night off. To be fair, Andy Pettitte was due for a bad outing — he’s been either good or very, very good in his last six starts. Spotted a double-digit lead in the 5th inning, he at least was throwing strikes trying to get people out — he just didn’t have his good stuff, and that happens. But Brian Bruney’s performance was just plain unexplainable. With the lead back up to 10 runs again, Bruney managed a bases-loaded walk in the 6th, and then followed that up in the 7th by loading the bases with two walks and a hit batter. If you can’t throw strikes with a 10-run lead, there’s something terribly wrong. Bruney had been showing signs of returning to his early season form, but now he’s right back to being totally unpredictable and of no use in tight games. Sigh.

Everything considered though, this would seem to be a huge win. Now all they have to do is split the next two games to win the series, and with A.J. Burnett against Junichi Tazawa today along with the better part of the bullpen fully rested, you can’t help but be optimistic. If Boston were to make a run at the Yankees, they really needed to sweep this series. And the Yankees made sure that wasn’t about to happen.

Photo: Yahoo Sports!

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