CC + The Captain Stop The Losing Streak

August 19, 2009 – 4:34 pm

The Captain CelebratesNYY 7, Oakland 2. Two game losing streaks aren’t anything to worry about, but three game losing streaks are a different matter. So this one was at least a semi-important game, and who else to come through in the clutch but CC Sabathia and The Captain? CC pitched another gem, going 8 innings and only giving up two runs, both on solo home runs in the first and second innings. After that, he shut down Oakland on just 3 hits over the next six innings. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter got three hits for the third consecutive game. He’s now had multiple-hit games in 7 of the last 10. There’s even some low level rumblings that maybe he ought to be considered in the MVP race, and it’s hard to take issue with that. He keeps up the pace he’s been on of late, heck, it will be hard to consider anyone else!

Actually almost everyone in the lineup contributed some to the offense, which has been pretty much the recipe for the Yankees of late. Eight of the nine starters ended up either scoring a run or batting a run in — Robbie Cano being the only one left out of the party. And given the pace he’s been on — his August numbers are .357 / .375 /.543 — I don’t think there’s anything to worry about there.

Miscellany Dept: You don’t hear about it a lot, but CC Sabathia is one amazing defensive player in addition to being a great pitcher. Case in point was two plays last night. In the fifth, Rajai Davis got a great bunt down the first base line, but CC fielded it perfectly and in one motion wheeled and threw Davis out at first base. It was about as good a play on a bunt as you will ever see. Then in the sixth, Nomar Garciaparra drilled a line drive right back at CC, which he caught with ease, showing incredibly fast reflexes. For a big guy — he’s 6’7″ and 290 — he fields his position as well as any other pitcher I can think of. Reminds me a lot of Kirby Puckett, who also wasn’t the most svelte of outfielders. But Kirby could climb an outfield wall and rob a hitter of a home run with the best of them.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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