Winning Every Which Way

August 16, 2009 – 11:12 am

Jete Jacks ItNYY 5 Seattle 2. When things are going good, you win games you probably had no right to win, and this one was a good example of just that. The Yankees got four unearned runs in the second when the Mariners’ center fielder Franklin Gutierrez dropped a routine fly ball, and then they got out of a late inning jam when Ichiro Suzuki inexplicably tried to steal third with two out and got gunned down easily by Jose Molina (seriously, Ichiro, what were you thinking?).  Excluding that 4th inning disaster, the Mariners held the Yankees to just one run on seven hits — and going up against the Yankees’ No. 5 starter you would think that would be enough to win. But it just wasn’t meant to be.

Speaking of the No. 5 starter, you have to be somewhat impressed with what Jose Mitre has been able to give the Yankees from that slot. Of six starts, he’s gotten them in to the 6th inning four times with at least a shot at winning, and in his starts the Yankees are 4-2. You really can’t expect much more than that from your No. 5. And with the bullpen back in top form now, what with Phil Coke and Brian Bruney both settling down after going through a rough period, Mitre looks like he’s going to stay in the rotation for the duration.

Photo: Daily News

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