Yes, The Yankees Can Beat Boston

August 7, 2009 – 11:43 am

NYY 13, Boston 6. With John Smoltz and Joba Chamberlain on the mound, you had to know there was a good possibility of this one becoming a slug fest, and sure enough that’s what we got, with Smoltz actually winning the battle of “Whatever you can do I can do worse”. Jorge Posada and Melky Cabrera led the charge for the Yankees. Posada finally snapped out of his slump going 3-for-5 with 3 RBIs (and a very nice salute to Thurman Munson with the 15 on his mask!), and Melky just continued his torrid pace with a 2-for-5 night and another 3 RBIs. Overall the Yankees had 18 hits to go along with 6 walks, while the Red Sox got only 8 hits but managed an incredible 12 walks. Add it all up, and what it really came down to is Boston going a terrible 3-for-21 with RISP and leaving 15 men on base. Yes, this could just as easily ended up being a 14-13 loss. But hey, a win is a win, and “the streak” is now broken.

Jorge Gose YardAfter three excellent starts Chamberlain is back in the unpredictable category. How bad was he? He actually challenged A.J. Burnett’s recent performance against Chicago in committing cardinal pitching sins. Handed a six run lead in the 5th inning, Joba proceeded to immediately walk the bases loaded. How can you do that at the major league level? And it’s not like he was just missing — he walked the first two batters on eight straight pitches, then after getting Ortiz to fly out, proceeded to walk the next batter on five pitches! I would have pulled him right then and there, as his head was clearly not in the game at that point.  But to Girardi’s credit he hung in there with him and apparently something got Joba’s attention — maybe the cascade of rightfully deserved boos? — and he got two strike outs to get out of the inning with only one run given up.

So now we are left to see if this outing by Chamberlain was the anomaly, or were those last three starts more like the real Joba? We’ll see in five days. Meanwhile, speaking of anomalies, A.J. Burnett takes the mound tonight. So we will soon find out if his last outing was the return of bad A.J. or if that was also just an anomaly.

Photo: Daily News

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