Melkman To The Rescue!

August 3, 2009 – 11:08 am

Melky Hits For The CycleNYY 8, Chicago 5. This was certainly a terrible day for all the Melky-bashers out there, as Cabrera pretty much single-handedly saved the Yankees from what would have been a devastating sweep at the hands of the Chicago White Sox. Melky gave the Yankees a much needed lead with a 3-run homer in the second, drove in what would end up being the game winning run with a single in the fifth, and scored two more runs himself — thus accounting for 6 of the Yankee’s 8 runs and in the process hitting for the cycle, the first time a Yankee has done that since 1995. Every time Cabrera goes in to the slightest of slumps, it’s amazing how many people are howling for him to be benched or traded. And yet here he is with the 3rd highest BA on the team, in addition to being one of the two best defensive outfielders on the team.

Meanwhile, CC Sabathia turned in yet another very mediocre start, his second in a row and third in his last five starts. That’s becoming very much a reason for concern. In fact, CC was lucky this one didn’t get out of hand, as 7 of the 10 hits he gave up were for extra bases. Overall, the White Sox were 10-for-29 (.345). CC wasn’t fooling anyone. So even though we did avoid the sweep here, there still wasn’t much encouraging news for the starting rotation.

Regardless, though, at least there were enough positives in this game that hopefully the Yankees can regain the momentum they had coming in to the White Sox series. A crucial 4-game series against Boston looms on the horizon, but before that they have two games with Toronto to finish up the road trip. In the first game, they are up against Roy Halladay and in the second they’ve got Sergio Mitre starting. At least Andy Pettitte is on the mound against Halladay, so odds are Andy will at least give them a shot at winning. With Mitre, though, it will more than likely be up to the hitters to put a lot of runs on the board. At this point a split would probably be good news, and would worst case leave the Yankees half a game behind Boston going in to the series. Bottom line, though, is that they do need to get some momentum back before taking on the Red Sox.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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