More Ugliness In Chicago

August 1, 2009 – 10:59 am

Chicago 10, NYY 5. So the trade deadline passes and the Yankees aren’t able to bring in a legitimate starter for the No. 5 position. So of course Sergio Mitre goes out and proves just how much they do need another starter. Hopefully Brian Cashman will be able to work out some type of waiver deal for a pitcher soon, as you can’t stay in a pennant race when every fifth game you end up having to score in double-digits in order to have a chance to win.

The bad news here really wasn’t Mitre, though — as everyone pretty much knows that he is over his head pitching at this level. But Alfredo Aceves also got beat up pretty badly. That’s two games in a row and three in his last six where he’s been totally ineffective. Slowly but surely the Yankee bullpen that had looked so golden there for awhile is starting to look quite pedestrian. But then, I guess that shouldn’t be all that surprising. The way the game is today, relievers are relievers for one and only one reason — they aren’t very good pitchers, or else they would be in the starting rotation. With most relievers it’s kind of like playing the tables in Las Vegas — you may win every once in awhile, but ultimately you will lose to the house. Eventually the game will expose relievers for not being very good pitchers, and that’s what appears to be happening to the Yankee bullpen. All the more reason to beef up the starting rotation. The only two really good pitchers in the bullpen right now are Phil Hughes and of course, Mariano Rivera. Beyond that, you’re just rolling dice.

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