The New Joba Rules

July 30, 2009 – 9:39 am

Joba Back On TrackNYY 6, Tampa Bay 2. Talk about a flip-flop. The Yankees looked as good today as they did bad yesterday. Maybe it was Boss Steinbrenner being in the house? Who knows, but after one off day, the Yankees got back on track quickly. Joba Chamberlain appears to finally have this starting pitching role figured out, pitching his third gem in a row. And this one was the best yet — a 3-hit shutout over 8 innings. He was working quickly, throwing strikes at a 64% rate (65 of 101 pitches), and plenty of velocity on his fastball. With just three games, we’re still talking about a pretty small sample size — but this appears to be a very different Joba than what we saw before the All-Star break. And with CC still trying to find a groove, and no real No. 5 starter in sight, the new Joba could not have appeared at a better time.

Once again the offense came from pretty much everyone in the lineup, with Johnny Damon being the only one to not get a hit. Both Mark Teixeira and Robbie Cano got solo home runs along with two RBIs, and Melky Cabrera had a solo homer and went 2-for-4. Looks like the second half of the season might not be a very good one for the Melky-bashers out there, as he’s now 12-for-37 (.324) since the break.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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