A Moron’s View Of Old Timer’s Day

July 21, 2009 – 10:48 am

You see a lot of well-intentioned but lame-brained stories in the world of sports — it kind of goes with the territory.  But this one urging the Yankees to discontinue indefinitely Old Timer’s Day deserves some kind of award for stupidity.  Ask any true Yankees fan what they think of Old Timer’s Day and I can guarantee you that they love it.  Just witness the crowd at the game Saturday along with all the media coverage of the event.  Heck, even many of the Detroit players were clearly enjoying watching the festivities.  Sadly, the Yankees are the only team left in baseball that still has an Old Timer’s Day — and if you want to complain about something, that’s what you should be complaining about.  More teams should be doing this type of thing.  Every true baseball fan loves the history of the game — teams that do not have such a day are doing a disservice to their fans.  The Yankees are the most successful franchise in the history of the game.  You would think other teams would be learning a lesson here.  The game needs more events like this, not fewer.

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