CC Gets The Job Done

July 19, 2009 – 10:53 am

CC DealsNYY 2, Detroit 1. At last an excellent start from a Yankee pitcher, and just at the right time as Detroit’s Justin Verlander was doing more than matching up with CC Sabathia. Yes, CC might not have looked all that great and he did appear to struggle with his control at times — but it’s hard to complain when he puts up 7 innings of shutout ball. And that’s what good pitchers do — when they don’t have their best stuff, they somehow get the job done. Hopefully some of the others on the staff were taking notes.

Once again the big hits came from “clutchless” Alex Rodriguez and his co-partner in “clutchlessness”, Robbie Cano. Alex got the solo home run that put the Yankees on top 1-0, and Cano followed that up with a 2-out single and then scored what turned out to be the game-winning run on an infield hit by Mr. Clutch, Melky Cabrera. And in between was another big hit by Nick Swisher. Every time you start thinking Swisher won’t ever get another hit, he seems to rise to the occasion in big situations.

Miscellany Dept: Is anyone else becoming concerned about the number of fly balls that Johnny Damon is completely misjudging or misplaying over the last several weeks? Hits like Palanco’s “double” in the first inning are becoming way too common place out in left field when Damon is there. I have to believe something isn’t right with Damon.  Maybe it’s just age catching up with him, but it seems like more than that.  He’s just not seeing the ball very well it would seem.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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