And Now Losing Ugly

July 11, 2009 – 9:55 am

Los Angeles 10, NYY 6. Well, you keep playing ugly, it’s bound to catch up to you. Once again Joba Chamberlain was given a good early lead and couldn’t hold it, and once again he couldn’t get through 5 innings. And once again Brian Bruney looked terrible. With the Yankees still very much in the game, Bruney somehow managed to walk the No. 8 hitter on four pitches, then gave up a three-run homer to the No. 9 hitter. It doesn’t get much worse than that. I guess it’s a good thing that LA was without their top two hitters — Torii Hunter and Vlad Guerrero just went on the DL — otherwise who knows how many runs they would have put up.

Now of course this is just one loss and the Yankees are still on a very good run, so it’s no big deal. “Stuff” happens. But still Joba and Bruney are major problems that need to be dealt with pretty quickly. Right now they are without a solid No. 3 starter and other than Phil Hughes, they don’t have a reliable eight-inning setup man — two fairly important pieces to the puzzle. It would seem like the logical thing to do would be to give Phil Hughes a shot at the starting rotation — he’s more than earned it. And put Joba back in the bullpen as the setup man, a role he was great at last year. And either put Bruney back on the DL if he’s hurt, or use him as a middle innings reliever until he shows signs of improving. And oh by the way, how about bringing in Huston Street?

Quote of the day: In the 7th inning, Derek Jeter incredibly dropped a routine infield pop-up. Later in that inning, Jorge Posada actually caught a pop-up bare handed after his glove got knocked off by the batter. When asked about the play, Jorge said jokingly “I wasn’t trying to show (Jeter) up”.

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