Excuses For Offensive Woes?

June 26, 2009 – 9:24 pm

One of the explanations for the recent offensive slump that gets kicked around is the fact that for seven straight games the Yankees were facing pitchers they had never seen before. And that does make a lot of sense to me. Pretty much everyone agrees that anytime you have a situation where the hitter has never faced the pitcher before, the advantage goes to the pitcher. But that advantage is supposedly negated in today’s game because hitters have access to so much video of the pitchers. I’m not sure I buy in to that theory, though. I have the same problem here that I have with the use of video replay in the NFL. The video tends to be somewhat distorted because of the focal length of the lens and the angle that the video is filmed at. To say nothing of the fact that the video is 2-dimensional. If you have ever done any serious photography work, you know how much those factors can distort what you are really seeing. So I have to wonder just how close watching video of a pitcher comes to simulating the real thing. I’m guessing the video might help only a little. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it might even be detrimental to some degree. In fact, I wonder if maybe hitters don’t sometimes prolong slumps by watching too much video.

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