An End To The Offensive Woes?

June 26, 2009 – 3:17 pm

NYY 11, Atlanta 7. The offensive outburst continued with everyone in the lineup except for poor Mark Teixeira getting a hit. The top of the order was particularly hot — Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon combined to go 7-for-9 with 5 R and 4 RBIs. Not much has been made of Girardi’s flipping Jeter and Damon in the batting order this year, but so far it seems to have paid off nicely. In the lead off spot Jeter has a slightly better OBP than Damon did last year (.377 vs. .370), while Damon in the no. 2 slot has a much better SLG than Jeter did (.534 vs. .451). A-Rod also had another good night, going 3-for-5 with 4 RBIs and 1 HR. But he’s still got a ways to go before I’m convinced he is back to 100%.

It was a good thing that the Yankee offense did come alive, as Andy Pettitte struggled mightily.  It was in many respects a typical Pettitte start, only this time he wasn’t able to battle through the rough spots as well as he has recently.  And the defense didn’t help him much either, with a couple of what would seem to be routine fly balls falling in for hits.  One of those was a ball that Johnny Damon should have had — Damon mis-judging fly balls is happening way too often.  But as suspect as the Yankee defense was, the Braves were even worse, with 3 errors of their own.  In fact, the Braves also walked 7 batters — so all told, with 16 hits, 3 Brave errors, and 7 walks, the Yankees probably should have scored more than just the 11 runs.  Actually it was a pretty ugly game all around.  But as the saying goes, a win is a win!

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