Playing Like Zombies

June 24, 2009 – 10:47 am

Zombie Baseball
Atlanta 4, NYY 0. Jorge Posada, of all people, didn’t bother to run out a dropped third strike in the 8th inning. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the mental state of this team right now. You can look at the players on the bench and they all look like their minds are a thousand miles away. Jorge had just earned himself a golden sombrero, with 4 of the ugliest at-bats he’s had in a long time. He looked like a 5-yr old at his first attempt at tee ball. And Alex Rodriguez looked even worse at the plate than before he got his three days of rest. A-Rod is now down to a .207 BA, within a meager seven points of crossing the dreaded Mendoza line. In the last 13 games since the Boston disaster, the Yankees have been held to two or fewer runs 6 times and have been shut out 3 times. The offense is now officially missing in action.

And to make matters worse, Chien-Ming Wang seems to have now peaked in his return. His line score – 5 IP 3 R 6 H — was virtually identical to his last outing. And he still is very inconsistent, having some good innings but then other spots where he gets hit hard. And it seems like a lot of his problems are pitching from the stretch, which if you recall was a problem he had before last year’s injury. At this point it’s hard to count on Wang being anything more than a No. 5 pitcher for the rest of the year.

Of course we’re still not even to the halfway point in the season, and amazingly the Yankees are tied for the wild card spot right now. So there’s no reason to panic. But someone needs to turn this team around mentally, and do it pretty quickly. Or else it’s going to be one long slide to yet another season ending with no playoffs in sight.

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