Where Was Phil?

June 22, 2009 – 11:55 am

Florida 6, NYY 5. As we’ve noted before, if your starting pitcher fails to get out of the second inning your chances of winning are pretty slim, about 1-in-5. And if you happen to have the bullpen of the Yankees, those chances are pretty much non-existent. So once CC had to leave early, this game was pretty much over. And what little chance the Yankees did have was pretty much gone after Brett Tomko failed to hold a 3-1 lead. You have to wonder where Phil Hughes was and exactly what the plans are for using Hughes from the bullpen. You are trying desperately to win a series and regain some much needed momentum, you would think this would be the perfect place to use Hughes and not Tomko. But apparently Girardi was thinking differently? Odd to say the least.

So now that’s two series in a row that the Yankees have lost since the debacle in Boston. And remember that it was only the unbelievable error by Castillo in the first Mets game that kept them from losing that series. It’s time to get the momentum turned around, and guess who is on the mound for the first game in Atlanta? Yikes, yet another important game falling on the shoulders of Chien-Ming Wang.

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