Cut Andy Some Slack

June 14, 2009 – 10:37 am

New York Mets 6, NYY 2. Andy Pettitte’s smoke and mirrors routine finally ran out of magic as he got shelled for 12 hits and 5 runs over just 5 innings. Meanwhile, the Yankee hitters were getting 4-hit by a journeyman pitcher making his first major league start since 2006. Go figure. You score only 2 runs, you’re not going to win anyway — so Pettitte’s poor start didn’t really cost them a W here.

Regardless, as a result there’s a lot of chatter in Yankee Land about how poorly Pettitte is doing of late. What’s that all about? Going in to the season, Andy was slotted to be the #4 starter at best — and if Joba Chamberlain and/or Phil Hughes developed as well as hoped, Andy would end the season as the #5 starter, maybe even in the bullpen. So how have things gone so far? Even after yesterday’s game, Pettitte still leads the team in wins (6) and is third in ERA (a respectable 4.52). He’s also second only to CC Sabathia in innings pitched. The Yankees are 9-4 in games Pettitte starts, the best of any of the starters. Not bad stats for a #4 starter. If everyone else in the rotation was meeting expectations as well as Andy is, the Yankees would probably be running away with the division about now.

On other news fronts, Brian Bruney scored points by calling out Francisco Rodriguez for his mound theatrics. Obviously, I’m with Brian on this one. You want to hot-dog like that, join the NBA or the NFL. In fact, now that the subject has come up again, seems like Joba Chamberlain has toned down his act some since this became an issue. Although that could have more to do with Joba’s erratic performance of late. Here’s hoping that has nothing to do with it, and Joba is learning to respect the game more.

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