A.J. Stinks It Up Yet Again

June 10, 2009 – 10:36 am

Boston 7, NYY 0. It’s becoming pretty obvious that A.J. Burnett’s inconsistency is just something the Yankees are going to have to live with. After putting in two consecutive good starts against Texas, he was terrible last night against Boston. It’s hard to pitch at the big league level when you can’t throw strikes, and that was his problem — throwing 44 balls and only 40 strikes. When he wasn’t walking batters he was throwing up BP pitches. Of course, in the final analysis it really didn’t matter since the Yankee hitters were totally clueless against Josh Beckett. As much of a douche bag as Beckett is, you have to give him his due — when he brings his A-game he’s one of the best pitchers in the league, and that’s what the Yankees ran in to last night. Previously this season the Yankee offense had been 4-hit once and 5-hit once. So anyone who 2-hits them is really dealing. I guess the silver lining here is the fact that given that A.J. is going to stink it up about every third or so start, better he do it on a night when the Yankees weren’t going to win under any circumstances.

So now tonight’s start by Chien-Ming Wang looms as even more important. The Yankees really need one more consistent arm in the starting rotation — and Wang has certainly been that and more in the past. With Burnett’s problems, getting Wang back to his former self is critical to the success of the team. And then there’s this little matter of figuring out if this team can ever beat the Red Sox. Not to look to far down the road, but they have 10 games against the Red Sox in August and September that could be critical to winning the East, so it would be nice to get this monkey off their backs right now.

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