Bronx Bombers Do Their Thing

June 9, 2009 – 11:11 am

Ace PettitteNYY 5, Tampa Bay 3. Andy Sonnastine held the Yankees to only 6 hits, but unfortunately for him 4 of those hits left the bandbox ballpark which accounted for all 5 Yankee runs. And that was all “Ace” Pettitte needed as he came up with a “quality” start, one of his better starts of late. He only had the one rough inning in the 4th, and managed to come back nicely from that one. Amazingly, Pettitte now leads the team in wins (6-2). I’m not sure if it’s a good news thing or a bad news thing when your #5 starter has more wins than anyone else. But you have to be amazed at the season that Andy is putting together so far.

Meanwhile, Joe Girardi continues to make puzzling decisions with regards to relief pitching. Phil Hughes finally got in to a game in the 7th, and pitched lights out. Three up, three down, good control, fast ball hitting 95 mph. Hughes is a starter and quite likely will be back in the starting rotation at some point, so you want him to keep his innings count up. He hadn’t pitched in 8 days, he’s clearly got his good stuff working, and you’re headed for a critical series in Boston where you could well need a rested bullpen — particularly Rivera who had pitched the two previous days. So surely Girardi is going to let Hughes pitch at least one more inning, and what the heck — maybe let him finish the game and give Mo the night off, right? Wrong. Instead he brings in Phil Coke for the 8th, then goes to Rivera in the 9th. So now Rivera is more than likely not available for Tuesday’s Bosox game, plus Hughes has now only thrown 11 pitches in the last 8 days, so at some point we are probably going to have to listen to excuses for a poor Hughes outing because he was “rusty”. Makes no sense to me.

Photo: Newsday

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