The Melkman Delivers Again

June 4, 2009 – 4:59 pm

NYY 8, Texas 6. This is what I would call a very productive win. Not only do the Yankees win the series, making that now 7 of the last 8 series they have won, but they also got a good insight in to how far along Chien-Ming Wang is in his return — or more precisely, how far along he is not. Girardi and staff took somewhat of a gamble in giving Phil Hughes’ start to Wang, given that Hughes has shown some signs of pitching consistently, plus his track record against Texas has been quite good. Although Wang didn’t look terrible, he didn’t look all that good either. So what do you do now? That slot in the rotation comes up next against Boston — do you really want to give Wang another shot then, or do you go back to Hughes? It will be interesting to see what Girardi does — I can see both sides of the argument here.

Joba's Golden GloveMeanwhile, lots of other big pluses from this one. Just when you think Robbie Cano and Melky Cabrera are maybe, just maybe, starting to regress back to where they were last year, Robbie works a critical lead-off walk in the 8th, and then Melky hits yet another game winning home run. And ditto for Nick Swisher — just when you think April (.312 BA) was a fluke and May (.150 BA) was going to be his norm — he’s now 6-for-10 in June and looking exactly like the Swish that got everyone so excited in the early going.

What else can you say about the Yankees right now — other than just keep on keepin’ on!

Photo: Bleacher Report

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