Joba’s First Inning Blues Continue

May 27, 2009 – 10:08 am

Texas 7, NYY 3. Yet another perplexing start from Joba Chamberlain. There was a lack of velocity, too many pitches missing the strike zone, and once again he struggled in the first inning. But most importantly, he could only make it through 4 innings — and with the Yankee bullpen, that’s almost a sure recipe for a loss. So far this year in 8 starts Joba has only made it through 6 innings in half of them. That’s just not good enough. Right now there’s plenty of talent in the starting rotation, plus there’s plenty of firepower offensively. And that’s what the Yankees have to rely on to win games. The starter has to get them through 6 so that the bullpen exposure is only 2 innings, and the offense has to put up enough runs to cover for the bullpen. That’s the recipe for now. Joba didn’t do the job last night, and that’s why they lost. Yes, the offense didn’t come through either — they went 2-for-12 with RISP — but it would have taken more than a couple of key hits to overcome a 4-run deficit.

As hot as the Yankees have been, they are starting to give back a lot of the ground they made up over the last homestand. Over the long term, what the season is really about is winning series. We lost the last series to the Phillies, so we need to win this series with the Rangers. A.J., time to earn your salary.

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