Good Phil Shows Up

May 26, 2009 – 11:03 am

NYY 11, Texas 1. Phil Hughes certainly made the decision a lot more interesting about who starts next time through the pitching rotation. Hughes dominated the Texas Rangers, who at least on paper were the “best” team in the AL going in to yesterday’s game. Of his 6 starts, 2 have been very good, 2 mediocre, and 2 rather poor. Clearly he needs to show a lot more consistency. It’s going to be difficult to send him to the bullpen or back down to AAA after that start. Particularly since Chien-Ming Wang didn’t look all that sharp in his brief relief appearance the other day. So it would seem to make sense to me to let Hughes get the next start, and see what Wang can do next time out of the bullpen. If Wang starts to look like his old self and Hughes puts up another good start — well, that’s the kind of problem you like to have, no?

In an 11-1 rout there are always lots of offensive stars, but the big plus for this game was seeing Alex Rodriguez go 5-for-5 without hitting a home run. It’s hard to complain when your cleanup hitter is hitting a home run in every 7.5 ABs, but at the same time that sub-.200 BA was a bit perplexing. A-Rod would appear to now be out of that “rut” and back to hitting for average as well as power. And that will bode very well for the Yankees. The 3-4 tandem of Teixeira-Rodriguez is going to be fun to watch develop over the rest of the season.

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