A-Rod Goes Yard And the Melkman Goes Walk Off

May 24, 2009 – 10:50 am

Melkman DeliversNYY 5, Philadelphia 4. Melky Cabrera is certainly living the dream these days. Just nine months ago he was benched and pretty much written off by the majority of pundits and fans. But here he is today, not only having regained the starting center fielder position, but having just gotten his third walkoff RBI in a season that is not even two months old. And of course it was his good buddy Robinson Cano who came up with the critical play that made it possible, stealing second base in a very gutsy but smart play. And naturally, the Yankees wouldn’t have even been in that situation if not for the much maligned Alex Rodriguez’ 2-run jack two batters previous. And let’s not forget about why the Yankees were even in a position to win in the 9th — Andy Pettitte, another player that many had written off, putting in yet another “just good enough” start and keeping the Yankees in the game until the offense was finally able to deliver.

Regardless of what happens in today’s game, this home stand has got to be the most exciting and fun-to-watch series since when? I certainly can’t recall any that matches up in recent history. After a rocky start at the new stadium, it looks like the ghosts have finally started moving in from across the street and Yankee tradition is now back in full force.

Photo: Yahoo

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