You Think Our Bullpen Has Problems?

May 21, 2009 – 10:40 am

NYY 11, Baltimore 4. For the second night in a row the Yankees bombarded the Oriole bullpen to turn a close game in to a laugher. Yesterday it was the top of the order supplying the fire power, but tonight it was the bottom of the order with Swisher, Cano, Cabrera and Cash combining for 6 hits and 7 RBIs. Nice balance, which is what you always need to maintain a good winning streak. Which is now at 8 games and counting.

Phil Hughes finally returned to the form he showed in his first start. The big difference was that he was consistently in the strike zone, and ended up with 9 Ks and only one BB. So in his 5 starts he’s given the Yankees 2 good ones, 1 mediocre one, and 2 terrible ones. Somehow he’s got to become more consistent if he expects to stay at the big league level. It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do with him once Wang is back and pitching in his old form (knock on wood!). With the bullpen so lacking right now, seems to me that moving him to the pen and using him like they did Joba Chamberlain in his first year might be a pretty good idea.

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