Welcome To The Big Apple, Tex

May 17, 2009 – 10:46 am

NYY 6, Minnesota 4. A-Rod got all the headlines with his walk-off home run, but the real story today was Mark Teixeira’s breakout game, going 4-for-4. Without Tex’s 4 RBI’s this game never even goes to extra innings. And without Tex working the walk in the 11th, the Twins would have had the luxury of pitching around Rodriguez (whether they would have done that of course is a separate issue, what with A-Rod sporting a .120 BA at that point!). Teixeira now has a 4-game hitting streak, going 9-for-16 with 7 RBIs — and not coincidentally the Yankees have a 4-game winning streak, matching their longest streak of the year so far.

And not to be overlooked is Joba Chamberlain actually making it through the first inning without giving up a run! Probably way too much was made of Joba’s first inning travails — it was, after all, only two games where he had the problem — not exactly a huge sample size. But this time the velocity was there from the first inning on, and he made it through 6 giving up only 2 runs — which is exactly what you want in a starter. Of course, then you have the infamous Yankee bullpen to deal with. And naturally, they couldn’t hold the lead. But the Yankee offense took over at that point. And that could well be the recipe for the near future. Get a quality start for six innings, then just rely on the offense to take it the rest of the way. Not the way you would like to draw it up, but it does make for some very exciting baseball!

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