Welcome Back Alex!

May 9, 2009 – 12:18 am

NYY 4, Baltimore 0. Well, it’s just one game — but it’s a start.  Say what you will about Alex Rodriguez, but there’s no doubt that he is the most valuable player on this team, and without him they are — well, they are exactly what we’ve seen so far this year — a 4th place team struggling to play .500 ball.  It took exactly one pitch for A-Rod to remind us all of just how much he has been missed.  Take out A-Rod’s 3-run blast and this was yet another lethargic performance by the offense, with poor Mark Teixeira notching a hat trick.

Just as impressive as A-Rod’s return was CC Sabathia finally starting to pitch like we all figured he would.  Sandwiched in between a 2-hit first inning and a 2-hit ninth, CC threw a no-hitter for the middle 7 innings.  And he looked extremely sharp in the process, throwing over 70% strikes.  It took CC about a month to get going last season, and it was about this time last year that he really got rolling.  Let’s hope we’re seeing a repeat of that.

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