Looking For Bright Spots

May 6, 2009 – 10:51 pm

Tampa Bay 4, NYY 3.  Well, wouldn’t you know it — the Yankees finally get a decent performance out of their starter and  the bullpen comes through nicely, but the offense takes the night off.   Andy Sonnanstine comes in to the game with a 6.75 ERA and holds the Yankees scoreless for 7 innings on just 4 hits.  Just like the injuries that are plaguing the Yankees so far this year, this is also just part of baseball.  Occasionally you run in to a run-of-the-mill pitcher who has a Cy Young night, and there’s not much you can do about it but tip your hat and move on.

The Yankees are now below .500 and on a four game losing streak, so I guess we better look for some bright spots here.  A.J. Burnett looked sharp yet again.  That’s 5 solid starts out of 6 for him, so he’s more than performing up to expectations.  Mark Teixeira went 2-for-5, with a key 3-run double that at least gave the Yankees a shot in extra innings.  He’s now at long last over the Mendoza line and has all of a 3-game hitting streak going.  So hopefully he has finally turned the corner.  And finally, Robinson Cano got a hit to break an 0-for-15 streak.  I’m still a long ways from convinced that he is back to his pre-2008 form, so these mini-slumps are a bit scary.  Let’s hope he’s breaking out of this one.

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